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Happy Paws Haven

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our fundraising campaigns; it is so very very much appreciated. We are still in a critical position right now due to the vet bills and need to urgently raise some funds to pay them off we have to find another $12k and as usual we are struggling to do so. If everyone just donated $2 or $5 and they also asked their friends to do the same, we would be able to get our vet bills up to date and to hopefully renovate the facilities for the dogs and cats which they deserve.

Please spread the word as we really do need your help! Either through PayPal using our email address or via our bank, the Bendigo Community Bank in South Grafton BSB 633000, Account 130786031 and our account name is Happy Paws Haven Inc. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Thank you. We are an ACNC endorsed registered charity! Our ABN is 79928920087, CFN 23496

We urgently need more volunteers

If anyone who is in Grafton or nearby we really need help urgently. If you could help by asking if anyone is able to volunteer even just 3-4 hours on any day of the week it would be great. Maybe animal lovers who don’t have a family nearby could come and spend time helping us with the animals at Happy Paws Haven. Any time would be wonderful. This is our very busiest time and we are open seven days a week as usual.

We are as always looking for volunteers who are passionate about animals. Clarence Valley Volunteering is also trying to assist us too! We urgently need additional volunteers to help us care for the animals, walk the dogs, groom the cats and to share their love. Dress in your oldest clothes, jeans and a T-shirt is good, with work boots or sneakers; bring a snack and a drink. Cuddling and playing with the animals is compulsory.

We need people to help with office data entry skills and admin skills.

We need people to help with our fund raisers for the love animals.

There are all sorts of things that need to be done…. And every bit of help counts Come and visit to see what we do.

Come and help us with the animals and/or fundraising for their care.

Planned Events

Our next Volunteers and Members meeting will be our first for the New Year and will be held on Sunday August 18.  We are working through the ‘Gain and Retain program’ with Hancock Creative, are learning all about social media marketing and in the process of re-designing our web page to make it more modern and mobile friendly. All our meetings start at 2.30pm and finish by about 4.30pm. If you would like to become a member of Happy Paws Haven, contact to get a membership application to fill out, bring it to the meeting. You will need to bring $20 membership fee. We need new fresh ideas. We need a new fund-raising team, people to write our animal stories and what we do for social media so come and join us and contribute to the team at HappyPaws Haven where all ideas are good ideas!

Rescues and Surrenders

We are trying to limit the number of animals being rescued as you know. We are still getting lots and lots of calls daily asking for help and we are turning them away as we have not the funds and volunteers at the moment to take any more. It is all about our capacity to care and we are at our limit currently. No new rescues or surrenders of cats are planned for the foreseeable future. We did however accept a surrender of a small puppy this week-end.

Cats and kittens for adoption this week:

We get all cats vet checked prior to adoption to make sure that we comply to the standards required by any pet shop. We have adopted out well over 1200 cats over the last 12 years and only a very very small percentage having developed any illness as a result of the change in environment but now we are being extremely careful. All our animals are microchipped, immunised and desexed as soon as possible after they arrive. Our rehoming number is 251000043.


Kirk came to us with his mother and four siblings early in 2017. His mother was found on a vacant property with no form of identification and no one knowing where she came from so we called her kinky as she had a kink in her tail and some of the offspring do too. They were in foster care for some time and due to this they are all extra friendly. Kirk is a beautiful brown tabby and white teenager who has come from a lovely family. He is extremely affectionate gentle loving playful young cat who has been desexed, vaccinated and micro-chipped ready for his new home. Microchip: 991003000002512


Morrisa was a young kitten when Miss Molly took her under her wing early 2017. She was found beside the road and bought to Happy Paws Haven. She was about the same age as Miss Molly’s kittens and has grown up to be beautiful affectionate mischievous young cat with Miss Molly’s two beautiful babies, both of which found lovely homes. Morrisa is an unusual colour, being beautiful blue salmon tortishell. She is very affectionate and often when we go into the cattery she will run out to meet us at the door. She loves being near humans and will demand to be stroked. She would make an excellent companion for someone at home. She is just a beautiful girl to look at and in her nature too! She has been desexed, micro-chipped, immunised and regularly wormed. Microchip: 991001000624511.


Penn is the last member of the P-team, rescued from Maclean last year (2017), there were three pale apricot boys (Pele, Penn & Pete), two blue boys (Peppin & Perry), beautiful blue girl (Peggy) and a blue and apricot torti girl (Perdy) who looks just like her mother. Penn has loving quiet personality,, very friendly, extremely affectionate mischievous playful young cat. The litter looked as if they had some Burmese or maybe British shorthair in their genes. All have really beautiful thick lovely plush fur and beautiful natures. They are all desexed, microchipped and immunised now ready for their new homes. They are just gorgeous young cats ready for a loving family to adopt. Microchip: 991003000002538.

Dogs for adoption for this week:

We get all dogs vet checked prior to adoption to make sure that we comply to the standards required by any pet shop. All our animals are microchipped, immunised and desexed as soon as possible after they arrive. All dogs are also tested to make sure that they do not have heart worm. We have rescued and adopted out well over 1300 dogs over the last 12 years. Our rehoming number is 251000043


Woody is a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog cross like most herding dogs he wants to be a part of the family thus your pack. He prefers not to be left outside when his pack is inside. He is extremely affectionate, sookie, loyal and loving but he is a puppy so needs the training and continued socialisation all pups need. He is an extremely smart dog and like all dogs needs to be exercised daily. Due to his intelligence he should do well at obedience, herding, scenting and tracking or just lazing around with you. He is a very loving and affectionate dog so is good with kids especially those who are school age. He would make a wonderful family or companion dog. He is desexed immunised microchipped and has had regular parasite and flea treatments. Microchip: 991001002499722.


My name is Ben, I came here with five other greyhounds who were surrendered by their trainer because he could not care for us anymore. We have learnt to play and not take life so seriously any more. We love to zoom and can be mischievous at times, I am the quieter one of the team. We can be very lazy and just want to sleep in the sun or to be lounge lizards when we can. We make excellent companions as we loved to be stroked. I love it when my carer comes to sit with me and I just put my head in her lap. I am very loving and affectionate and just happy just to keep my carer company. Micro-chip: 956000004022478.


Chip was bought to us by some people who were travelling and found him far too active to take with them as he is a young chocolate kelpie needing something to do. He would be great to be trained to herd or agility. He was very shy at first and unsure of himself but has since come out of his shell, he is still wary of strangers backs off until he sees it is ok. He would be great for a family as he is gentle, sensitive and loves to play. He is very smart so would love to go to doggy school with a young human friend. He is desexed micro-chipped and vaccinated ready for his new home. Micro-chip: 900079000382747.

HappyPaws Haven is open seven days a week for animal adoptions. Phone: Sally on 0419 404 766 or 6644 9936 seven days a week, email sally on or visit Happy Paws at