Grafton’s Steve Donnelly medals in AIF Swimming Championships

Steve Donnelly and Ian Goodman were the only swimmers representing our club at the AIF National Swimming Championships held at Southport this month and they did our club proud. Ian made the final of the 50m but in the excitement, broke his time, and Steve collected a second in the 50m backstroke championship event. Both men also joined forces with other clubs, swimming in another three relays. All reports filtering back about the day have been positive, and with 45 clubs in attendance, congratulations must go to the AIF organisers for a smoothly run carnival. Last week the finalists in the 50m freestyle were Debbie Smith, Tyler and Bruce Durrington and Steve Donnelly. Debbie, swimming off a handicap of 2, displayed a good burst of speed and touched the finish just .04 ahead of Tyler with Steve a further .22 away in third. Excitement prevailed when the ladies thought that one of their own had scored a win, but hopes were dashed when the judge announced that Debbie, Tyler and Steve had all busted. Bruce, having swum a near perfect time was awarded the win. Max Kroehnert, making the most of his comeback, qualified for the final of the 30m freestyle along with the two Terry’s, namely Barnes and Marsh, and also Bruce Durrington. Max, unfortunately, loosened up a little too much and crossed the finish line a good body length ahead of his opponents, earning him a ‘D’. Barnesy, clocking a spot on time was awarded the win with Marshy and Durro filling the minor spots. Peter Le Breton (the new chap on the block) is making his presence felt. He qualified for the 30m B B & B final along with David Moon, Terry Barnes and Bob Owen. Swimming very close to his nominated time, Peter was awarded the win with David taking second and Bob third. With the summer season drawing to a close, captain Richard will be working on the all important point scores over the next two weeks in readiness for the annual presentation dinner. This dinner will be held in May, with a date to be announced shortly. Toni Ensbey