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Grafton Services Swim Club

Condensation falling from the ceiling at the South Pool complex made conditions very unpleasant last week for members of the Grafton Services Swim Club. Patrons were quite damp, even before venturing into the water, and trying to keep paperwork dry was a nightmare. A much lighter Sarah Dougherty joined us for her first winter swim and in all her heats she broke her times dramatically. A host of familiar names were called for the final of the 25m freestyle. Tyler Durrington, Wilson Burns, Bob Owen and Doug Ensbey mounted the blocks and as the starter called the seconds, it was Bob into the water first followed by Wilson and then Doug. Tyler, because of his youth and speed, was last off the blocks but this didn’t stop him. He still managed to reach home first in a time that rewarded him with a disqualification. Wilson also broke his time so Bob and Doug were awarded first and second respectfully. Andrew Madden, Richard Sear, Steve Donnelly and Doug Ensbey made it to the final of the 50m, which had to be swum by doing the first 25m freestyle and the next leg in an alternate stroke. Andrew was the first one to cover the distance but unfortunately he was too quick, leaving the win to be taken by Steve, with Searsy second and Doug third, Due to all competitors being disqualified in one heat, there were only three in the final of the B B & B and they were Wilson Burns and Geoff and Anne Simkus. Wilson scored the win in this event with Geoff second and Anne third. This Sunday, nine members of the club will be travelling to Lismore for the Mid Winter Carnival and it is hoped that a small amount of success will come their way. Toni Ensbey