Grafton Services Swim Club

Last Saturday week, at the indoor pool, Grafton members were challenged to a “fun” swim by the Bellingen club. The programme consisted of a 50m and 25m swim, a brace relay, a 6 x 50m relay and a team relay. Competition was fierce, but at the end of the day Grafton came out the victors – 47 points to 35. Afterwards, all competitors adjourned to the GDSC rotunda and enjoyed fellowship and a tasty luncheon. Terry Barnes came out of hibernation this week and joined members for the nights swimming events. He actually made the final of the 30m B B & B along with Debbie Smith, Tyler Durrington and Terry Marsh. With a very strong wind blowing, it was difficult to see the much distorted black finishing line, but Marshy, Tyler and Debbie crossed in that order, only to find out that they had all busted. Barnesy, still getting into the swing of things, won the race even though he swam a good five seconds slow. Unbelievable!!!! Six swimmers faced the starter in the 30m final, due to a dead heat in one contest. Diving in on a handicap of two was Bill Goddard. He was followed ten seconds later by Taj O’Mahony and Anne Simkus. Another four seconds elapsed before Ian Goodman took chase and next to dive in was Bruce Durrington, immediately followed by Steve Donnelly. Despite being one of the back markers, Bruce made it to the finish first and took the win from Anne and Steve. Taj and Damien O’Mahony, Richard Sear, Tyler Durrington and Steve Donnelly qualified for the 50m final. Tyler limbered up a little too much for this event, because when he hit the water, there was no stopping him. He touched the finish a good second ahead of the opposition and received a “D”. Damien took the win with Steve and Richard filling second and third positions. Toni Ensbey