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Grafton Services Swim Club

“Where is everyone” was the cry that went out on Tuesday week when only a third of the club’s members arrived for competition. The fact that the weather was a little cool was discounted as an excuse because it is a known fact that our members are a tough lot, so if illness was the reason then we wish all a very speedy recovery and hope to see you back in the water soon. With numbers being depleted there were only three contestants in each final so in the 25m freestyle we had Richard Sear, Ian Davis and Toni Ensbey up for the challenge. If anyone has seen Richard in action, they will know he is a hard man to beat, with his very consistent slow, strong stroking, and in this event he shone, swimming only .05 off his nominated time and scoring the win. Ian, also swimming within his time came in second and Toni, saving energy for her next final, came home in third place. Damien O’Mahony, Debbie Smith and Toni Ensbey contested the 50m final. Despite having the best handicap, Toni found it difficult to hold back the challenge made on her by Debbie and Marno. Marno was the eventual winner despite the drag created by his long hair and Debbie cruised in just .30 seconds behind him. Toni, well she was five seconds behind and once again not pushing too hard as she knew there was another final to be swum. The 25m B B & B saw Anne Simkus, David Moon and Toni Ensbey braced and waiting for the starter. Toni was first away doing backstroke and next to take off was Anne also doing backstroke. David, giving away 15 seconds was last to enter the water giving a wonderful display of perfected butterfly. Anne was the victor in this event, swimming just .11 off her nominated time. David was next home and although coming home in third place, Toni was happy to have made the distance in the three finals. Toni Ensbey