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Grafton Services Swim Club

Illness and injuries depleted numbers competing at swimming last week. Bruce Durrington complaining of a stiff neck and shoulders came along to act as starter for the night, but Terry Marsh’s absence was again evident. Terry all your fellow members wish you a speedy recovery and sympathise with you – back problems are not a laughing matter. President Steve was also absent with flu like symptoms but knowing him, he will be back on deck next week. There was a strong line up of man power in the 25m freestyle final. Wilson Burns, Richard Sear, Tyler Durrington and Damien O’Mahony mounted the starting blocks and waited for the starters call. On handicap, Wilson was the first to enter the water followed by Searsy. Four seconds later, Tyler and Marno took chase but couldn’t make ground on the other two. Searsy snatched the win just ahead of Wilson with Tyler third and Damien fourth. Anne Simkus represented the fairer sex in the 50m final. The other competitors were Ian Goodman and the tiresome double of Damien O’Mahony and his Achilles heel, Tyler Durrington. Anne was first to take to the water followed eight seconds later by Ian. Another six seconds elapsed before Tyler took chase and Marno was hot on his heels after another two seconds. Anne and Ian out swam their opponents and came home with a resounding margin only to be disqualified. Next home, and not showing any signs of fatigue from his previous final, was Tyler. He took the win just .35 ahead of a fast finishing Marno. Anne Simkus, Jill Enks, Doug Ensbey and Tyler Durrington qualified to contest the Wykes Tyrepower Cup final. Jill was first away in this event followed at intervals by Doug, Anne and then Tyler. First to touch the tiles was Doug, tipping out Tyler, who still had an abundance of energy after tackling all three finals, but bad news awaited them. They had broken their nominated times leaving the win and the Cup to be claimed by an awfully excited Jill. Anne, tiring just a little from her previous final was awarded second place. Toni Ensbey