Grafton Services Swim Club

This week, I’m afraid our news will strictly relate to final results. I am out of service with a knee injury and have been unable to join fellow members to hear their comments and witness the competition. The jewel in the crown last week was the running of the Wykes Tyrepower Cup and the lucky four to qualify were Bill Goddard, Wilson Burns, Damien O’Mahony and Debbie Smith. In this event, Wilson was obviously using high octane fuel, as he crossed the line a good second ahead of his nominated time. Next over the line, and possibly on E10, was Marno, but he busted by .63. Debbie, swimming extremely close to her nominated time was next to cross the black line and would have been ecstatic when awarded the cup. Billy G, possibly not handling the cool water very well, scored second place. In the 30m freestyle final David Moon was in lane 2, Bruce Durrington in lane 3, Terry Marsh lane 4 and Jenny Vickery lane 5. Jenny obviously didn’t do enough walking in the Relay for Life, because she steamed ahead and broke by over a second. Marshy, a tad unlucky, also broke but only by .24. Durro, swimming closest to time, was given the win from Wilson who was only .30 away. The only fresh starter in the 50m freestyle was Tyler Durrington. All the other starters, namely David Moon, Bruce Durrington and Damien O’Mahony were stepping up for their second final. Bruce took out this race with a very well timed performance and Damien scored second place. Tyler, although swimming a slightly slow time took third place. All trophy winners from last year’s presentation night are now requested to return their trophies promptly to T & S Classic Trophies. Early returns will eliminate a lot of running around at the last minute. Toni Ensbey