Grafton Services Swim Club

An absolutely balmy night on Tuesday of last week, made competition very pleasurable, with yet another junior joining the ranks. Jason Durrington was welcomed by members, and he performed so well in the heats, that he made it to the 50m final. Joining Jason in this final were David Moon, Debbie Smith, Terry Marsh, Bruce Durrington and Ian Goodman. Maybe it was something in the water, who knows, but the judge took his time in announcing the results after the last competitor had completed the distance. Ian, Bruce and Terry touched in that order with Debbie only .01 away. However all four heard the dreaded words from the judge “you’re all gone”. Due to these disqualifications, it was Moony who took the win with newcomer Jason taking second place. Another new member, Murphy Thompson, qualified for the final of the 30m freestyle along with Peter Le Breton, Tyler Durrington, Bruce Durrington and Wilson Burns. Once again the judge had a field day, disqualifying Tyler, Peter and Murphy for speeding. Bruce was awarded the win with Wilson accepting second. The Wykes Tyrepower Cup was up for grabs in the final event of the night. Hoping to take possession of this cup for the month were David Moon, Debbie Smith, Terry Marsh, Damien O’Mahony and Ian Goodman. Captain Richard was almost in seventh heaven as this event concluded, as once again he announced two more speedsters. Marno and Ian, no doubt, will have their times adjusted by Searsy next week, along with all the other competitors who busted during the events. Marshy was announced as the eventual winner with Moony second and Debbie third. Toni Ensbey