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Grafton Rifle

It was a case of déjà vu only more so when competitors took to the 700 yard mound for the fourth round of the XTC [Cross the Course] trophy competition at the Grafton rifle range. They were met for the fifth week in a row with a full frontal fishtail wind, but this time it was a stiffer, more blustery situation to be dealt with. Add to that, that this target has the tightest scoring rings of them all, and you have a recipe for a lot of rough and tumble coming right at you.
Once again there were no “possibles” produced in either division, and indeed there were no stage score that were even close. Still, the best scores went to those who fire the best shots and keep a cool head in the face of “impending doom”. This saw Dennis Hilton in the Target Rifle Division, and John Black in F-Class walk away with both the Off-Rifle Honours and the Daily Aggregate Trophies in those divisions.
All in all, the scores were a full six or seven points down on what might have been expected in more reasonable conditions. Still nobody threw in the towel, and by and large even seemed to enjoy the challenge.
Next week the competition reverts to the Handicapper’s Trophy Monthly competition which is to be contested over the 800, 900,300 and 400 yard distances, so hopefully there’s a little there for everyone. This competition commences at 1pm at the range which is located at 434 Trenayr Road opposite the Koppers log mill and adjacent to the Experiment Farm.
Field Class and RimFire competitors are reminded that the Coffs Harbour prize meeting and Championships are on next “weekend” over Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It’s not far to travel and should be a very pleasant weekend shoot so why not get involved on at least one of those days. Anthony O’Keeffe