Grafton ladies celebrating their Wednesday golf. Image: Contributed

Grafton ladies golf

Truly amazing, this week’s results were almost as hot as the weather we played in.

Wednesday February 13 was an 18 hole Stableford and there were 40 starters. Sponsor for the day was the Flame Tree Coffee Shop.

Overall winner – Sharyn Rowles 41pts c/b.

Div1 winner – C Shanley 41pts; r/up – J Townsend 36pts c/b; 2nd r/up – J McFarlane 36pts.

Div 2 winner – A Gibbons 40pts; r/up – S McPherson 38pts; 2nd r/up – G Chad 36pts.

Div 3 winner – H Irving 33pts; r/up – M Powell 33pts; 2nd r/up – T Clarke 32pts.

Nine balls to a score of 31pts c/b.

NTP’s: 1st – S Gleeson; 6th – C Shanley; 10th – G Chad; 17th – J Townsend.

Friday February 15 was an 18 hole Stableford with 34 starters.

Div1 winner – S McPherson 39pts; r/up – N Smith 37pts; 2ndr/up – K Harding 36pts.

Div 2 winner – S Byrnes 36pts; r/up – J White 35pts; 2nd r/up – B Snowdon 34pts.

Seven balls to a score of 32pts c/b.

NTP’s: 1st – S Gleeson; 10th – J McFarlane.

Saturday February 16 was an 18 hole Stableford with 8 starters

Cooler weather conditions however still hot scoring on the day.

Winner – Kate Thomson on 39pts; r/up – Maddie McKee on 38pts; 2nd r/up – Jen Townsend on 33pts c/b.

No results have come in from the ladies travelling away. The courses i.e.: Mona Vale, Monash, Cromer, Wakehurst, Bayview and Long Reef were magnificent. It was a great week of golf and they all look forward to a successful week next year.

Dale Bax