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Grafton High School – Celebrating more than 100 years producing “Local Heroes”

In just over 100 years, almost 1000 teachers have been responsible for the education of more than 25,000 children at Grafton High School. Throughout this time, the school has produced more than its share of “Local Heroes”. Local heroes, such as Evelyn Webb, Australia’s first trained Aboriginal school teacher, and Dr Elizabeth Cohen, one of the first women in Australia to complete a PHD in physics, and a pioneer of modern GPS satellites. Local heroes in the creative and performing arts, such as “The McClymonts”, and sporting heroes such as Olympic hockey star, Brent Livermore. Military heroes, including Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Green, who commanded 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment,during the Korean War. Following in the footsteps of those before them, Grafton High School continues to produce “Local Heroes”: Danielle Cole completed her Higher School Certificate in 2011 at Grafton High School and joined the Royal Australian Navy, completing her Officer training at HMAS Creswell and HMAS Watson. In December 2014, Danielle graduated her Maritime Warfare course with grades allowing her to choose her next posting. After having served on ships such as the HMAS Tobruk and HMAS Ballarat, she took a posting on HMAS Anzac, including a 5 month deployment and a once in a lifetime trip to Gallipoli for the 100th year anniversary of the Anzac Day landings. On her 22nd birthday Danielle drove HMAS Anzac through the Suez Canal. Danielle is just one example of the product of a long and proud tradition of excellence in public education.