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Grafton District Services Women’s Bowls

Thursday March 29 With our Ladies still playing Pennants there was a small number enjoying a game today. Winners today were A. Perkins and J. Pugh def M. Toovey and J. Cooper; C. Morrison and A. Williams def R. Macdonald and J. Solomon. Competition was won by M. Toovey, C. Morrison and J. Solomon. Tuesday April 5 Another lovely day for bowls today with our number 4 Pennant ladies hosting Red Rock and we witnessed some lovely bowling by both teams. Winners of social play today were Marie Gough, D. Mason and M. Buckley def Susan Winters, M. Toovey and A. Williams. Lovely to see Marie and Susan having a game with us today. Lucky loser went to C. Morrison and J. Cooper def by R. Macdonald and D. Rapley. On Rink 3 M McClaer, F. Cannon and J. Pugh def. A. Perkins, C. Newsome and A. Bowling. Resting toucher was won by A. Perkins. Pennant Presentation Day will be held at Maclean on Thursday April 14. Kitty