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Grafton CWA

The Grafton CWA branch held its first monthly meeting for the year 2020 on Friday February 14 after a well-earned break; 14 members were in attendance and six apologies were accepted.

Vice president Nola Horrocks and Jan Gillett journeyed to Urunga, representing Grafton Branch to join in Urunga’s 90thBirthday celebration.

Grafton Branch will be attending North Coast group council meeting in Maclean on February 26. Grafton Branch are rostered to assist in running the trading table selling raffle tickets, cooking, and handicraft items.

Item to be raffled is a painting donated by CWA member Ruth Boyd.

Final arrangements were discussed for the North Coast Group handicraft and cookery day to be held at the Glenreagh hall Wednesday March 4.

The winners and second place getters in handicraft and cookery are eligible to submit their entries in the State Conference finals to be held at Newcastle in May.

At Fridays meeting an ‘in house cookery day’ was held and a date loaf recipe was chosen using a State CWA recipe. Several cakes were presented and June Neilly judged the cakes. First placewent to Sharon Davison and second to Carol Smith. Thank you ladies for your support as this is the first time we have held an in-house cookery day in our rooms. Our members voted to hold a similar cookery day every second month, on our meeting day.

The next meeting will be held on Friday March 13 in our Duke Street rooms with morning tea at 9.30am, and meeting commencing at 10am.

Ladies interested in joining CWA are welcomed to join us. Handicraft mornings are held at the CWA rooms on 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at 9.30am.

Carol Smith