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Grafton Community of Schools – QubeRider Project

A partnership between Grafton and South Grafton High Schools, working with ex-South Grafton High School student, Solange Cunin, will see twenty Year 9 students involved in an exciting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning project called QubeRider. QubeRider is a program in which students will become rocket scientists, learning skills such as programming, electronics, experimental design and data analysis as they build their own data-driven space experiment. Students will code and construct an electronics board (ASIMOV) that will be launched on a rocket from Cape Canaveral in late 2016/early 2017. Students will code their own computer program for an experiment they design themselves, using a number of different sensors to collect 15 minutes of real-time space data. Between the two schools there will be ten experiments sent to space to collect data. The project will help teach the students the skills they need for the rapidly evolving technological world that they will live and work in as adults. Students will be undertaking parts of this project in lessons at their respective schools, being taught across the three faculties of Science, Technology and Mathematics. Later this year, students from both schools will come together at a special “Space Camp” where they will be able to share the ideas and skills they have learnt throughout the project. A project launch was held at the Grafton Regional Library on April 4. Guest speaker for the launch Ms Cunin (one of QubeRider’s creators) spoke to the students about the project as well as sharing her journey from school student to university and her experiences in the space and engineering field. She will be a valuable role model and a link to STEM industries for the students. Solange is currently involved in making a documentary with Channel 7 on her journey from “country student” to entrepreneur in the STEM education field. Channel 7 attended this event to film parts of this documentary.