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Grafton bridge crew join the rescue!

Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter Service gave a presentation to Fulton Hogan staff, who are constructing the new Grafton Bridge, and laid out their ‘$2 challenge’ workplace giving program. Image: Contributed.
The Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter Service received a major boost last week with the staff of Fulton Hogan, who are constructing the new Grafton bridge, signing on to become a payroll supporter. The rescue helicopter service gave a presentation to the staff on site and laid out their ‘$2 Challenge’ workplace giving program. Community Liaison Officer with the rescue service, Jane Wayland, said “Our $2 Challenge campaign encourages staff at workplaces right across our northern NSW region to give their support by donating $2 from their pay to help us to save lives in local communities such as the Clarence Valley”. “The team at Fulton Hogan didn’t hesitate and we were blown away by the number of staff willing to give their support on the spot,” Jane said. “We very much appreciate companies like Fulton Hogan and their dedicated staff in their support of the local community and encourage other businesses to consider signing up, given that every dollar can help save lives. Best of all, every donation raised in our local area, stays in our local area to keep the rescue helicopter flying.”