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L-R Maclean Junior Showgirl runner up Shannon Moran, Junior Showgirl winner Hayley Johnson, Maclean Senior Showgirl runner up Lowana Littlechild and Senior Showgirl Winner Siobhan Hoy. Image: Lynne Mowbray

Good crowds attend Maclean Show

Lynne Mowbray |

It was perfect weather on Tuesday and Wednesday last week, for the running of the 127th annual Maclean Show.

Maclean Show President Brian Ferrie said that this year there were a lot of membership tickets sold prior to the show and combined with the gate takings, it appears that this year’s show was very successful.

“Gate taking were up by a long way from the last show, which was two years ago,” Mr Ferrie said.

“The live performance by Adam (Eckersley) and Brooke (McClymont) went for about and hour and a half and we had other entertainment on prior to that.

“Probably the biggest crowd on the hill gathered when the Demolition Derby was on (which was the last event of the night).

“Everyone loves that event,” he said.

Mr Ferrie said that while a lot of the exhibits were down in numbers in the pavilions this year, other exhibits were up.

“The school exhibits were up tremendously,” Mr Ferrie said.

“The beef cattle were also very strong and like everywhere else, the horse numbers were way down.

“We’re not the only show, all shows are the same. I think it’s a sign of the times.

“Overall though, I was very happy with the crowd that came.

“Nearly every food stall that was here (on Wednesday night) actually sold out of food.

“And by us getting the (live) entertainment on, I feel that it did work to bring more people through the gate,” he said.