From a LG election candidate

Ed, At last week’s ‘meet the candidate’ in Maclean, it was strange that when I first arrived I was given the first speaking ticket, when all others drew their position from a black bag. This was followed by instructions before entering the hall that I had three minutes to speak and would be asked three questions. Were these simply miss directions or at best misunderstandings, so let me put the record straight. My answer to the three questions are: (1 ) Vision for the future – Council should be efficient and effective. (2) Fiscal dept – Have an independent professional review of the councils core business and live within your budget. (3) My role as a Councillor – Stop this disgraceful 40% increase in rates. When a Development Application (DA) comes before council only one question to ask; how can we help. Remember this can be private money who want to invest in the Clarence Valley. This is our future growth and jobs. Why consider giving me a vote? (A) ex farmer; (B) Federal member 3 years; (C) three nurseries employing 12 staff; (D) enough guts to make the tough decisions; (E) time to give council my full attention. John Riggall, Maclean