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First for Croquet at Coutts Crossing

In a very competitive game Peter Martin beat Jim Algie 26-22. It was notable in that Peter had a turn of 12 hoops, a personal lifetime best. It is croquet’s equivalent to golf’s hole in one or a 147 clearance in snooker. It was done at Coutts Crossing by a visitor from Byron Bay many years ago, but this is the first time in the 35 year history of Coutts Crossing Croquet that a club member has achieved this milestone. And he made it look easy. Peter kept up his good form with a 26-14 win over Peter Deeth. Sue Deeth and Graham Wilson overcame Jim Algie and Helen Forrest 21-16 just as the rains came. Rusty Case returned to the court Wednesday after a long absence and minus her thyroid. But Rusty was not rusty, recording a personal life-time best turn of four hoops, a turn interrupted when the club stopped play to observe two minutes silence at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day. But Rusty still lost to Sue Deeth 18-13. Jim Algie and Peter Deeth beat Wayne Gadke and Graham Wilson by 17-16 with a golden point when Jim pegged out at the third attempt. Golf Croquet addicts came out on Monday morning. The ‘bad backs’ team of Robyn Walters and Gillian Martin found that their backs were indeed aching too much and lost to Joy Campbell and Pat McLennan 7-6, a game that included Pat’s 29 metre hoop. Phyll Harrison and Nea Buckley had a crushing win by 7-1 over Pat McLennan and Robyn Walters, with Pat getting another 29 metre hoop. Finally Pat McLennan and Phyll Harrison overcame Nea Buckley and Robyn Walters 5-3 with Pat scoring yet another hoop from 29 metres: the lady was hot. In singles Phyll Harrison beat Nea Buckley 7-6, Peter Martin beat Joy Campbell 5-4 and Gillian Martin defeated Joy Campbell 7-3. Coutts Crossing schoolchildren are trying hard to qualify for the Child and Parent Championship at the end of the month. Brendan Hayes and Charni Mitchell had three wins each, although their partners were Mr Attwater and Big Jim Algie. Jess Fuller and Monique Franklin, and Chelsea Williams and Hayley Lawrence had only one loss each. James Cotten and Kieran Jeffs and Jacob Renwick and Patrick Wyatt had good wins. As pairs Jahlah Wyatt and Deegan Hunt, and Savannah Bailey and Robbie Eveleigh struggled but have definitely improved. Shots of the day were a 20 metre hoop by Charni Mitchell and a first hit straight through hoop 1 by Brendan Hayes. Call 6649 5109 or 6649 3200 to join us. Sue Deeth