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Ferry Park – May Artist of the Month – Ann Verran

My name is Ann Verran and I have been creating my jewellery since 2005. I completed a couple of jewellery classes and so it began. I returned to the Lower Clarence in 2007 and started creating in my studio in Yamba. Hobbies include sewing, lead lighting and reading. I also volunteer with local community organisations. Pearls are the cornerstone of my pieces; I then add semi-precious gemstone, Swarovski Crystals and more recently porcelain beads. When I sit down to make a piece of jewellery I have a vague idea how it will look when completed. My first step is to decide on the colour of the piece; I then build from there. I select different sized elements, pearls, beads, semi-precious stones or crystals in colours that meld; I like structure and like pieces to have balance. Occasionally, I will create a piece that is random, but find it very hard not to undo and remake it. Sometimes I sit and make a piece in one go, other times I go back to it over time and sometimes I make other pieces and then go back to complete it. The beauty of having a dedicated studio, as many artists & artisans will tell you, is you can leave it and come back when it suits you. I love colour and love combining different sizes and shapes to make a piece. I am always on the lookout for interesting beads. I will have a variety of pieces at Ferry Park; the classical, plain strand of pearls in white, black and pinks, plus some ropes of pearls; also pearl strands incorporating Swarovski Crystals and colourful porcelain beads. I have also been working with Majorcan pearls and have lots of different earrings and bracelets for you to choose from. Remember Mother’s Day is the Sunday May 13 and what mother wouldn’t like pearls.