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Ferry Park Gallery Artist of the Month: Jacky Normand

Pictured is Jacky Normand with her display at Ferry Park Gallery. Image: Contributed.
  Tell us a bit about yourself. My name is Jacky and I have lived in Yamba since 2001. I was classically trained at the University of Fine Arts in Paris for five years and after graduating I had my own retail outlet in Paris for 12 years. Can you explain your art/craft and the materials you like to use? I paint porcelain pieces by hand. No stencils or transferred patterns are used and my designs are freehand thus created at the moment of time. The pieces are then fired in a kiln making the painting permanent. What works do you have on show this month at Ferry Park? You will see a large range of pieces ranging from vases, cups, plates and much more. Every painted piece is unique, never to be reproduced. The Artist of the Month exhibition is on at Ferry Park Gallery Maclean till Wednesday May 24.