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Ferry Park Gallery Artist of month for November – Penny Stuart

I have been making things from glass for many years and the medium continues to inspire and challenge me.

I continue to do leadlight work, both traditional and contemporary, now mainly on commission, but my focus is on a range of fused glass jewellery. This process involves using a kiln to combine layers of compatible glass, giving a rich, deep and sometimes textural effect and, of course, always with the possibility of the unexpected. 

It is always exciting opening the kiln after a firing – you can never be absolutely sure what you will find.

The inspiration for my designs comes from my immediate surroundings, the colours and forms of the bush, the beach, the river and from travels where I always seek out glass, be it contemporary or very old.

For this display, as well as new pieces of jewellery, I have made a series of little fused glass sculptures, inspired by our local shoreline…beaches, rock shelves, rockpools, beach debris, late afternoons and evenings…fragile, precious and ever changing.