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Brooms Head photographer Stephen Otton took this picture of a feral pig on his “way home from town”.

Feral pigs sighted in the Lower Clarence

Geoff Helisma | Over recent months, the Independent has seen or been notified of various sightings of feral pigs in the Lower Clarence – along Iluka Road, near Brooms Head and in canefields along South Bank Road, Palmers Channel – some alive and others road kill. The Office of Environment and Heritage responded to the newspaper’s enquiry, regarding what management strategies are in place in light of recent cuts to National Parks and Wildlife Service’s (NPWS) and Local Land Services’ (LLS) staff numbers. “The NPWS has a very active feral pig program in the area, whereby we work cooperatively with other agencies such as LLS and especially neighbouring landholders, many of whom are cane farmers. “It’s a strategic approach where we are able to outline our objectives so that they are complimentary and most effective. “More recently we have been engaged in an intensive pig program working with one particular landholder in the northern end of Yuraygir National Park in the Brooms Head/ Taloumbi area, where we have removed 55 feral pigs in the past six months. “The local landholder that we have been working with on this program appears to be very satisfied with our achievements to date. “Total pig tally to date, for the area of Yuraygir National Park between Wooloweyah and Red Rock over the last four years, is 680. “Pig control is also carried out on the Iluka peninsula, with 25 pigs destroyed this season.” To report feral pigs or other feral animals, call Local Land Services at 24 – 26 Mulgi Drive, South Grafton, on 6604 1100, or email to Alternatively call 1300 795 299.