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Feral fowl crackdown

A wild population of dumped poultry are causing havoc on Lookout Hill in Maclean.

There has been a recent spate of poultry dumping in the Clarence Valley. Adam Cameron, Council’s Manager Environment, Development & Strategic Planning reminds residents that dumping unwanted pets in bushland is illegal.

“Anyone who has unwanted poultry also has a responsibility to deal with them. If you are unsure what your options are the RSPCA will be able to help you.”

Mr Cameron emphasised that letting birds go into the wild is not the ethical choice.

“Not only do they become a potential problem for other members of the community and the environment but domesticated birds will also face a cruel end when left to fend for themselves,” he added.

“We will be working with Local Land Services to catch and remove the feral poultry to prevent any further damage to the lookout reserve.”

“The use of surveillance cameras is also being trialled to assist in identifying illegal dumpers and to inform us about the presence of feral animals.”

Mr Cameron also warned people not to leave food out for the abandoned birds.

“Leaving food out for the birds is only exacerbating the problem, as this attracts vermin such as rats,” he said.

The population of fowls on Lookout Hill are also hampering the efforts of the Maclean Landcare Group who have worked tirelessly to rehabilitate the area.  The birds are scratching out the native vegetation and exposing the fragile soil to the elements.