Evangelisation in our world

Ed, Christianity, Church and families are looking good in Australia. The on-going revelations of the Sexual Abuse Royal Commission not being swept under the carpet as in the past, is a great renewal for the Church, organisations and families. It is important in our world that “morality in families” is our number one priority as Christ wants for us. What makes this Commission even more of an eye-opener is it was pushed by one of our previous Prime Minister’s the Honourable Julia Gillard, a confessed ‘atheist’ with more Christian values than some of those who profess to be Christians, who appear to be living in fear. We carry the effects of shame, immorality and deceit. Just recently our Pope Francis said that all of us have a responsibility to be honest and open about ‘morality’ in our families and organisations that we belong to. We have to take responsibility for this message and give witness as mentors to our children for our Churches to be filled again. Jesus Christ is about love, mercy courage and healing. Rex Tory, Yamba (an evangelist for Jesus Christ)