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Emergency services get mobile Wi-Fi

First responders to serious incidents in the Clarence Valley and across NSW are better equipped to overcome life threatening black spots now they’ve been equipped with the latest in mobile Wi-Fi technology.

The new technology has been rolled out and installed in more than 1300 NSW Fire and Rescue and NSW SES vehicles across the state providing them with 4G or satellite communications during incident responses.

The cutting-edge, highly resilient communications technology will enable firefighters and NSW SES members to continue using radios, mobile phones and other handheld devices anywhere and at any time, through new equipment attached to their vehicles.

The ‘vehicle as a node’ systems will allow crews to connect to satellites when there is no land-based 4G or radio connectivity.

This will mean that if the communications infrastructure is damaged in a disaster, they will still be able to stay in contact.

The technology will enhance connectivity and voice clarity, leading to greater interoperability with other emergency services and improved situational awareness during operations.

Now that the system has been installed, work will commence on enabling Fire and Rescue NSW vehicles to be used as ‘mobile Wi-Fi hubs’, allowing for mobile phone and live video streaming connectivity for first responders. Video streaming allows emergency services to share live footage from the incident, heightening situational awareness for ground crews.

The technology is now standardised for any new vehicle acquired by Fire and Rescue NSW and NSW SES across the state.