Community News

Easter at Osprey is chocolate time

Well, I told you the Easter bunny was visiting, perhaps a little early, but absolutely loaded with loot.

I was “chocolated” out by closing time! Thank heaven we didn’t have to go home to our kids with that much sugar on board. On second thoughts, that could have been great fun. I can see you now, running through the house screaming and jumping up on the lounge, chucking cushions and demanding lemonade and hot chips, and refusing to go to bed. I see it all.

Thank you for making your gorgeous hats and embellished bunny ears. It all adds to the success of the day. Leanne and Paul put in a wonderful effort to create the “Roll Your Egg” game, and you guys were such good sports; many winning great prizes, including a free day at Osprey, and of course more chocolate!

In fact, there were so many give-a-ways that I lost track of who won what, but I do know you enjoyed it all. And didn’t the tables look nice?

It is with great sadness that I must tell you that Leanne’s mother passed away this week. Leanne, I know I speak for everyone in the club as I pass on our deepest sympathies to you, Paul, and your family. May your fondest memories sustain you and give you comfort.

There will be no Osprey on Good Friday, April 2.

Happy Easter everyone.


Sue Gunning