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The Golden Gaytime is one of Australia’s most popular ice creams, but now there are calls for it to be renamed. Image: Emma Pritchard.

Beloved ice cream Golden Gaytime creates debate time

Emma Pritchard

It has been one of Australia’s most beloved ice creams for more than half a century, but now, the Golden Gaytime could be forced to undergo a name change after a member of the LGBTQIA+ community declared the iconic treat is outdated and should be renamed.

A man identified only as Brian MC, started an online petition in February with a target of 1500 signatures aimed at making popular brand Streets, the owner of Golden Gaytime, rename their product.

In his online post, Brian MC identified himself as “a proud gay man” and “in 2021, gay’s meaning is primarily related to sexuality.”

He revealed that he believes his sexual identity is owned by him, not a brand, and that the outdated meaning no longer applies.

“Isn’t it time for this double entendre to end?” he wrote.

In response to Mr MC’s concerns, Streets issued a statement, detailing the Golden Gaytime “is not and never has intended to cause offense,” and the online petition to change the name is the first they have been made aware of.

Streets also declared the Golden Gaytime was released in Australia in 1959 “when the word gay had not yet been applied to sexual preference.”

Recently, Allen’s who are now owned by mega brand Nestle, changed the names of their classic lollies Red Skins and Chicos following public backlash.

The popular sweets are now sold under the names Red Rippers and Cheekies respectively.

Saputo Dairy Australia also recently made the pledge to rename Coon Cheese as Cheers Cheese and said the rebranding will help to reinforce values of acceptance and respect.

The renaming followed a long campaign by activists who claimed the original name had racist connotations.

With the identity of the iconic Golden Gaytime up for debate, the Clarence Valley Independent hit the streets recently to find out what locals thought of another proposed name change to a widely recognised and well-loved product…

Kara Fleet: No, I don’t think the name is offensive. But I’ll still eat the ice cream, even if it does get renamed.

Gayle Johnson: All this rebranding and renaming is frankly, quite ridiculous. I think too many people are getting offended too easily by names which have been around since long before them.

Harris Stone: I understand that gay meant a different thing when the ice creams were first made. It was just a way of saying someone was happy, spritely, just enjoying themselves, so there was nothing sexual about the name. It’s been blown out of proportion and Streets shouldn’t have to rename the ice cream. I’m over everything being renamed and rebranded because someone decides they are offended by something they’ve most likely grown-up with.

Rhye Fisher: Yes, they should change it. Names have different meanings these days and I think brands need to become more modern and sensitive and move with the times. I would like to see the ice cream renamed. I’d just call it the Fun Time and leave the word Golden out as well.

Pracey Woodlark: I don’t like the name personally, but I don’t find it offensive. I don’t really care if it gets changed or not.

Lucinda Belle: No, it shouldn’t be renamed. One of my sisters is gay and she’s not offended by a freaking ice cream. People need to get over it and find something else to whine about.

Jessica Jones: No way, it shouldn’t be renamed. It wasn’t created to be offensive to anyone and it should be left alone.

Wayne Bradley: I can’t believe people are still demanding more items get renamed. First it was cheese and then lollies, and now they want ice cream renamed? It’s a joke. It shouldn’t be renamed and we need to stop this cancel culture.

Sara Jhard: Yes, they should absolutely rename it. I’ve always thought it was sexually offensive.

Frankie Svonic: No, just leave it alone. It’s just an ice cream for crying out loud.