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Draft Code of Practice consultation period extended

March 27

The Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission has announced the public consultation period for the draft NSW Greyhound Welfare Code of Practice, will be extended for an additional two weeks due to the current COVID-19 situation.

Chief Executive Officer, Judy Lind, said that due to the challenging circumstances everyone is currently facing with COVID-19, the Commission will allow additional time for industry participants and stakeholders to have their say.

“I have extended the consultation period for the draft Code to give participants and stakeholders additional time to provide valuable feedback on the practicality of the draft Code”, Ms Lind said.

“We are currently in a challenging situation, so it is really important that we give every opportunity to those who may have been unable to submit feedback before now”.

“Public consultation will now end on 14 April, so I really encourage everyone to review the draft Code and make a submission via the Commission’s website or the NSW Have Your Say website.

The draft Code has been developed with reference to existing Codes of Practice and establishes a single set of standards that will improve animal welfare in the NSW greyhound racing industry, and in time ensure the sustainability and longevity of the industry for the future.

The Code will also complement the Greyhound Racing Rules and will apply to all greyhound racing industry participants in NSW.

The public consultation period will close on 14 April 2020, after which all feedback and submissions will be considered, and the final Code will be developed. The final Code will then be presented to the NSW Government for consideration.

Owners, breeder, trainers and industry stakeholders will be advised once the effective date for the new Code has been confirmed.

“When the final Code becomes effective the Commission will work with owners, breeders and trainers to support them through a transition period and allow adequate time for infrastructure updates that require financial investment,” Ms Lind said.

For more information about the draft Code or to provide your feedback, visit