Disqualifications the norm at GDSC swimming

Disqualifications seemed to be the objective at last week’s swim with at least one occurring in each heat and two in every final.

In the 50m freestyle final Terry Marsh, Paul Smith, Steve Donnelly and Andrew Madden were very keen to turn up the heat and other swimmers were probably thanking their lucky stars that they hadn’t qualified for this particular final.

At the sound of the starters gun, it was Marshy that took off first followed very quickly by Paul then Andrew and after three seconds Steve took chase.

Steve, although being the back marker was first to cover the distance but a break of .36 was announced. Paul was next home but a break of .25 had him receiving a disqualification also.

Andrew, swimming within his nominated time eventually scored the win with Terry taking second place.

Doug Ensbey, Jill Enks, John Wainwright and Jenny Vickery were in the line-up for the 30m freestyle final.

Jill on handicap was first to hit the water followed then by Jenny and Doug. Another six seconds elapsed before John took chase.

Jill, who has been swimming exceptionally well this month crossed the black line first with Doug just a whisker behind. However, their times were announced, and both were disappointed with breaks of .40 and .07.

John, who is getting into great form in time for the AIF Nationals was announced the winner, recording a great time and Jenny, also recording a good time, took second place.

The breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly events were the last for the evening and on the blocks were Natalie Durrington, David Moon, Steve Donnelly and Andrew Madden.

Andrew, breast stroking, was first away followed four seconds later by Natalie, breast stroking and Steve doing backstroke. David, having a spell from his usual stroke of butterfly took chase seven seconds later doing breaststroke.

Once again, a back marker covered the distance the quickest and David was disappointed to learn that he had broken by .58. Natalie was next home but suffered the same fate with a break of .59.

This left Steve to snap up the win and Andrew collected second place.

Toni Ensbey