Disastrous action

Ed, The $17B WestConnect Motorway is supported by a fully documented 319 page business case. The document even goes to the level of detail of a calculated $1.88 benefit for every dollar invested in the project (SMH 21-22 Nov). The Business Case for the $17B WestConnect is a PUBLIC DOCUMENT. The Clarence Valley Council administration has not made public the “Business Case” for the proposed $17M Tyson St Depot, even to Councillors! I do not believe that anything remotely like a formal, professionally developed Business Case for the Tyson St Depot exists. If it does exist, WHERE IS IT ? Why is the transparency and accountability that routinely applies to major projects in NSW like the WestConnect project not required of the Clarence Valley Council management? What is being hidden from public scrutiny? Are our Councillors so lacking in business acumen that they would approve more than the $1.7M already and even consider further unjustifiable funding for this project without a legitimate business case? Is this the kind of project that we are funding with the sale of our “surplus” and “underutilized” assets? Just what is the measure of “surplus” and “underutilized” when applied to our public asset? These are OUR assets and they have been accrued by valley residents over many years. It is presumptuous, impertinent, and totally unacceptable for you to dictate to the owners of the assets what should or should not be sold to fund this ridiculous Tyson St Depot “thought bubble’’. For those who still mistakenly believe that the Clarence Valley Council is some form of representative democracy, this Council DOES NOT HAVE A MANDATE to sell public assets. This is just one more example of the ridiculous idea of priorities, the irresponsible waste of funds (which it claims are so short that it needs to impose a 37% rates increase) of a Council that has completely lost touch with its constituency. The Minister responsible should be called to account and immediately stop this disastrous action by our Council. Ian Saunders – Hon Secretary Greater Maclean Community Action Group