Photo: Diana Willis

Disabled Surfers Association at Minnie Water

The Disabled Surfers Association is having a gathering at Minnie Water on February 17, at Main Beach.

We are always looking for volunteers to join us on this day to take the disabled community into the surf for a safe water experience. Even if you aren’t a surfer but like to play in the shallows a fun filled day is guaranteed for all, with a complimentary lunch at the end of the surfing morning. We aim to “put smiles on the dials” of volunteers and participants. 

Volunteers are requested to turn up at 9am and sign on before a quick briefing. Participants are welcome from 10am to sign on for a fun filled session on the beautiful Minnie Water beach. Hope to see you there on the day.

For more information please phone Steve on 0417 812 414.

Or email Diana on

Diana Willis