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Cyclists forced to carry ID

Clarence Valley cyclists will be forced to carry photo identification from March, as part of new laws introduced by the NSW Government. Cyclists who fail to wear a helmet will also be hit hard by the new rules, with introduction of a $319 fine for the offence. Other increased fines include $425 for riding dangerously; $319 for holding onto a moving vehicle; and $425 for not stopping at a pedestrian crossing. Cyclists who fail to carry photo identification will be slugged with a penalty of $106, but will be given a 12-month grace period. Fines will then be handed out from March 2017. NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay said that ensuring cyclists carried ID would enable identification should they break roads rules or be involved in an emergency. Drivers will also be required to leave at least a one-metre space when overtaking a bicycle rider, and at least 1.5 metres when travelling over 60 kilometres per hour. Motorists who break these rules face losing two demerit points and a $319 fine.