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Maclean CWA members. Image: contributed

CWA Maclean Branch Group Council meeting

Once again, the Maclean Branch monthly meeting went well discussing various topics.

Jenny, our International Officer, told us that France, which is our Country of Study for 2024 was once an empire and showed us, on a highlighted map, the countries under its flag that are still considered to be part of France.

On Agriculture and Environment issues, Linda reiterated the risk we face with the spread of fire ants which is devastating for Australian flora and fauna, including us. We were all reminded to be vigilant and to report to local authorities any sighting of fire ants.

In the cultural segment, Leonie gave us a timeline of important events and people corresponding to years when they happened.

Maclean CWA members. Image: contributed

On Wednesday February 21 CWA Maclean Branch will be joining other Branches at the Chatsworth Island Hall for a Group Council meeting with members bringing along their handicraft competition items and an early photo of themselves to see who can identify each one. There will also be a cookery competition for the best plain butter cake. Our Rooms at 40 River St Maclean will be closed only on that day because many of our members will be involved in the CWA North Coast Group activities.

We are inviting everyone to join us in the upcoming celebration of International Women’s Day on March 13 at 40 River Street, Maclean. More about that later.

Contact our secretary by email: or phone: 0419 960 370 for further information about our activities.

Belinda Harris