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CVC drops infrastructure wish-list into MP’s inbox

Clarence Valley Council (CVC) rates a $1.2million upgrade of Maclean pool’s amenities and filtration system as its number one upgrade in a “list of priority infrastructure projects that could be funded in the CVC area” by the NSW Government. The list was generated at the request of Clarence MP Chris Gulaptis. “The priority projects nominated have been chosen and prioritised by staff based on the fact they appear in Council’s strategic plans, or have been part of previous Council resolutions, have been subject to community consultation and on the urgency for replacement of existing facilities/buildings,” the report to last week’s council meeting stated. The items are not included in council budgets at present, although “some minor works are being undertaken on some of the toilets”, the report to council stated. On how the construction of these items would affect the council’s future budgets or financial status, the report stated: “Any new works would add to the whole of life costs to manage the assets, while items which are pure replacements reduce these costs potentially.” The list of major projects in priority order are: 1. Maclean Pool amenities and filtration plant upgrade – $1.2 million. 2. Rushforth Park (Grafton) Canteen/Amenities and Lighting Upgrade – $1 million. 3. Iluka bike path extension by 600 metres to the beach – $110,000. 4. Yamba Sports Complex amenities – $570,000. 5. Jacaranda Regional Park upgrade (all multi stages) – $400,000. 6. Yamba Skate Park Bowl and Support Facilities (shade, seating, shelter, path/access) – $500,000. 7. Ellem Oval upgrade, new turf wicket and irrigation upgrade – $300,000. 8. Grafton Pool redevelopment – $6.5 million. 9. Grafton Regional Gallery (art work storage above flood level) – $2.55 million. 10. Grafton waterfront upgrade – land purchases and initial path works – $6.5 million. 11. Yamba Pool modifications extra lanes (Item 12.016/15 June meeting resolved not to proceed with this item) – $280,000 (includes tiling of pool). 12. Replace existing 130m (Stage 1 of 380m) of existing bayside path (due to erosion) at Iluka – $260,000. 13. Rotunda Fred Phillips Park (Yamba) $60,000 (note not part of Council strategic plans or asset plans and existing shelters to be renewed as a priority over a rotunda – there are higher priorities in the reserve system). There was also a wish-list to fix a number of toilets at Pippi Beach, Angourie Point, Memorial Park and Turners Beach; shade sails at a minimum of 10 parks at $20,000 each. The sealing a section of the asbestos-contaminated Ewingar Road was listed, too – seal between chainages 4.28km to 7.29km from Grand View Rd ($305,000) –as was the replacement of Whiteman Creek Bridge, Coaldale Road ($850,000) and the replacement of a culvert on Armidale Road $141,000. Maclean riverside improvements An ‘opinion of probable cost’ for proposed Maclean Riverside Precinct works was also attached (but not included in detail in the tabled report), which totalled $10,513,903. 1B Riverside Square $1,591,070 (Note: part of item has been applied for via federal funding [Kevin Hogan’s boardwalk election promise] – not yet approved, requires land transfer from rear of hotel, requires acquisition of fisheries building); 1C courthouse riverside setting $300,430; 2A public boardwalk $2,055,781; 2B Macdonald Lane $714,792; 2D McLachlan Park Stage 2 $910,214.50 Note: this item has been applied for via federal funding – not yet approved; 2E Heritage setting $513,766; 3A Riverside square decks $1,811,966 (Note: this item requires acquisition of existing fisheries building); 3B Macdonald Lane view corridor $331,695 (Note: requires land acquisition); 3D River Street view corridor $524,940; 4A Long term boardwalk $1,759,248.