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Culture on the Clarence

Grafton’s 81st annual Jacaranda Festival will once again kick off with a fantastic weekend of family fun and entertainment. For the second year in a row Culture on the Clarence Community Fair will celebrate the diversity of the Clarence Valley on Sunday October 25 on Skinner Street in South Grafton from 9am to 3pm. Showcasing the variety of local businesses and products on offer in the area, Culture on the Clarence has received a swell of support from the community expanding the day from 60 stalls and businesses in 2014 to this year’s bustling 92 displays and market stalls. South Grafton business owners banded together to put together the annual celebration. Event director Casey Challacombe said, “in the short time I’ve lived here I have heard so very many people comment about the lack of going’s on in Grafton. Sunday’s Culture on the Clarence is our answer to that complaint. It would amaze people to find out the variety of social clubs, unusual sports and talented craftspeople thriving all over the valley.” South Grafton News and Gifts owner Brad Layton said “so many interesting people come in and grab their papers every day, so many wanted to get involved. Skinner Street has a really vibrant atmosphere. There’s a wide variety of businesses that are all independently owned. Culture on the Clarence has become on big street party.” After the success of the event in 2014 the team behind the community fair were encouraged by the community to continue their efforts. Big River Book Exchange owner, Andy Douglas reported that “many of my customers expressed their desire to be involved in a local event that kept local money in the Clarence Valley. We’ve tried to create a day where there is something for everyone. We have hot rod cars, martial arts displays and every type of art and craft including local blacksmiths. It’s a celebration of pride in our community.” Culture on the Clarence Community Fair will be held in Skinner Street, South Grafton from 9am to 3pm on October 25.