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Croquet at Coutts Crossing

cvi   It was Joy Campbell’s birthday but nobody gave her presents as she lost three games in a row. Partnering Bill Gauci she went down 7-5 to Ken Davison and Frank Mack. With Ken she lost heavily to Gillian Martin and Frank Mack 7-2. Her last hope was with Pamela Gauci, but they lost 7-5 to Bill Gauci and Ken. Pat MacLennan starred with three wins and no losses. Nola Horrock’s play was not up to her high level when playing Association the previous day. Robyn Walters had a win and a loss. John and Nea Buckley had little to celebrate in their play. Peter Martin had a strange day. In the first game he erred by putting opponents’ balls through the hoop from several metres, twice, but late in the day ran his first successful jump shot on Australian soil. Gillian Martin was hot. Running hoops from all angles and distances; everyone wanted to partner her. Partners John Buckley and Frank Mack both ran 15 metre hoops, but still lost 7-6 to Ken Davison and Gillian Martin. Joy Campbell won four of five matches and had a superb 7 metre in off. Phyl Harrison played well but lost all five games, each by the narrowest of margins. Robyn Walters, Nola Horrocks and Helyn Davison all had uneven days, some good wins and unexplained losses. Everyone jumped on Pat MacLennan, three losses and the wooden spoon. Twelve doubles matches were played, not a single dull game. The Association players produced their own magic on Wednesday. In defeating Peter Deeth by 26-13, Graham Wilson in only his second game in 14 weeks, produced a life-time best turn of 10 hoops, and followed it with an 8 hoop turn. Jim Algie and Sue Deeth swapped several 4 and 5 hoop turns with Jim winning 20-15. In a three person 6 ball game Peter Martin had a purple patch: a 12 hoop turn equalling his lifetime best. He won with 17 to Rod Munro’s 15 and Kay Munro’s 8. But in a singles match Kay had her revenge with a 15-14 win over husband Rod. To play now call 6649 5109 or 6649 3200. Or take up the offer during Seniors Week (April 4th – 8th) of a day playing croquet, free transport from Grafton, lunch provided. Watch the press for details. Book your spot early. Sue Deeth