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CRDWBA State Open Pairs Championship final

The CRDWBA State Open Pairs was played at Yamba Bowling Club on a bleak and cloudy Thursday, April 27 between South Grafton’s Candy Nixon and Merle King, against Maclean’s Jane Hannah and Lee Rae, with District president Alma Bowling welcoming the players and their supporters. Play commenced at 9am with Jane and Lee getting off to a good start leading 9-3 on the 5th end before Candy and Merle found their rhythm to reach 10-6 on the 7th end and a tight finish on the 8th end when both teams each appeared to have a bowl resting on the jack. With careful measuring from umpire Robyn McPherson proving it to be a tied end with the score remaining 10-6. Excellent bowling from all four girls followed with Jane leading 14-12 on the 12th end and 16-13 on the 14th end with the following ends going bowl for bowl with Candy and Merle holding shot only to have Jane play great bowls under pressure, coming in with deadly accuracy to win the next four ends by a single shot, and with Candy winning the final end the final score of 19-14 to Jane and Lee. What a great game. All four girls are to be commended on their excellent bowling and sportsmanship making this a fitting final for the District State Open Pairs Jane and Lee will now play in the Regional play offs to be held in the Mid North Coast District on August 2-5, at a venue to be decided. Shirley Woodward