Grade 4 Pennant winners: South Grafton WBC – D. McLachlan, J. Kowal, P. Knox, S. Robinson, H. Nichols, A. Bunn, G. Cupples, (absent B. Ford).

CRDWBA Pennant Presentation Day

The Clarence River District Women’s Bowling Association held their 2018 Pennant Presentation Day at the Maclean Bowling Club on Thursday April 19 With a tight competition in the No 3 Grade throughout the ten weeks of play (with the results depending on the final round) any one of the top three teams were capable of taking the flag. The No 4 Grade results were in abeyance with Rounds 5 and 10 having been deferred due to wet weather and finally abandoned, as the games were not required to be played for a result. This year the District introduced a Grade 5 to be played solely within the Clarence River District. Hats off to the Wooli ladies who’s Greens were out of action and accepted the offer from Grafton Services WBC for the use of their Greens to play their home matches. Their team was made up of the only eight playing members of their club, most of whom had never played Pennants or championships and one who played her first game of bowls in the 1st Round. Well done ladies and we all hope to see you next year. With ladies from the District’s seven clubs attending to applaud their participating Pennant sides. Maclean’s president Margaret Stallard welcomed the visitors before handing the club and its facilities to District president Alma Bowling for the day. President Alma then announced the resignations of the match committee’s Helen Scott and Lyn Olsen due to ill, health saying they would be greatly missed as they had given many years of hard work to the District and introduced Yamba WBC’s Robyn McPherson who has taken over Helen’s position of match chairperson with Lyn’s position still to be filled. Morning tea over, Robyn read the cards and the players took to the Greens for a light-hearted social game before the official proceedings. Matches completed the ladies returned to the clubhouse for lunch and presentations. Raffles and 100 clubs were duly drawn and lucky teams presented. Lucky team No 19: A. Milligan, L. Toole and J. Abbott. Lucky team No 1: S. Graham, N. Phillips, M. Gosper and C. Smidt. President Alma congratulated the winning Yamba and South Grafton Pennant sides before asking her secretary Lorraine Demmery and vice presidents Jen Axon and Carol Newman to assist with the presentation. President Alma thanked everyone for their attendance and wished all a safe journey home. Shirley Woodward
Grade 3 Pennant winners: Yamba WBC – H. Atkinson, C. Cole, K. Mason, L. Asbury, C. Aitchison, M. Thompson, W. Ballantyne, J. Scadden, (manager B. Shatte). Images: Contributed
Grade 5 Pennant winners: South Grafton WBC – C. Smidt, M. Mulligan, I. Heppell, A. Milligan, J. Axon, P. Harvey, H. Nickless, (absent D. Allison).