Coutts Crossing croquet

Although no competitions are yet allowed, Coutts Crossing members have been getting plenty of exercise and practice last week.

On Monday September 13, we welcomed back more members, in particular Pat McLennan who showed stunning form despite weeks away and Frank Mack looking fitter and enjoying his game. Robyn Walters hit a long hoop to hoop, and was followed by Marilyn Wilson doing the same. Jan Brodie showed how much practice over recent weeks has improved her game with a nonchalant jump shot over two balls from 2-metres out.

The enthusiasm for Ricochet was illustrated Tuesday with a full house, despite the showers. It was particularly good to see Louise Lowe back, looking well and playing well. Our state Champions, Peter Deeth and Wayne Gadke showed the form that led them to the title.

As we prepare for competition again the weekly training sessions on Friday are well attended, as are the Thursday and Saturday GC sessions.

Peter Martin went to Port Macquarie to qualify as a GC and AC coach under the revised guidelines for Australia. With Simon Cook also qualified, Coutts Crossing now has the most up to date coaches in northern NSW.

Peter Martin