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Around 75 people attended a meeting at the Brooms Head hall last Saturday, to discuss vehicles accessing the beach north of Brooms Head. Pictured: Cr Greg Clancy sharing his views. Image: Steve Otton

Council to review vehicle access to Brooms Head beach

Geoff Helisma Clarence Valley’s mayor Jim Simmons will table a Mayoral Minute at next week’s council meeting, to consider whether or not to review the vehicle access policy for the beach north of Brooms Head. Councillor Simmons said he “expected an officer’s report to come to the council meeting”, too, following a public meeting held at the Brooms Head hall last Saturday. Reportedly, there were around 75 people at the meeting, including those who would like to see vehicle access to the beach restricted and others who support the policy remaining as it is. The meeting was called after heavy traffic on the beach during the holiday period was described by some residents as a “highway”. Councillors Debrah Novak and Greg Clancy attended the meeting, as did several council staff, including general manager Ashley Lindsay. Brooms Head resident John Giese, who convened the meeting, said the meeting went “very well”. “I got a lot of feedback from a lot of people,” he said. “The interesting thing is even those who were opposed were appreciated for their comments – everyone was included, everyone was courteous.” Mr Giese said it was important that all views were considered and his “objective is to bring the community together” on the issue. To this end, he said a working group was being “put together, including CVC staff and Mark Goldie from the Grafton and District 4WD club”. Councillor Novak said “a great range of views” were expressed “in a respectful environment”. She said she was aware that councillors, Ellem, Toms and Baker sent apologies regarding their non-attendance. “A working group was formed to take their issue forward and to be the community conduit with CVC [Clarence Valley Council],” Cr Novak shared on her Facebook site. “Well done to those who attended.”