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Council appeals to residents for help in stopping water theft

An increasing number of concerned Clarence Valley residents have been contacting Council to report the theft of water from community water infrastructure. 

Due to the size of the Clarence Valley water network, it is difficult to catch those taking water illegally – without the support of residents this task becomes almost impossible.

General manager Ashley Lindsay said “In this time of extreme drought we are trying to manage the water supply carefully, illegal extraction from the water network is wrong and is causing problems for residents further down the pipeline.”

Registered water carters use a green coloured stand pipe issued by the Council to extract water from designated approved hydrants. In addition, the RFS regularly provides Council with lists detailing their contractors who can legally take water without using a council issued standpipe.

“Registered water carters are doing a fantastic job distributing water to people who have been protecting their homes from bushfires and those with empty tanks due to the drought. In addition, the RFS and operators who are contracted by RFS also take water from the water mains when needed for firefighting purposes using their own standpipes.” 

Level 1 water restrictions have been in place in the Clarence Valley since Monday 16 December.  “The community is working together to lower water usage. Water is precious and it’s sad that a very small minority of people are stealing a community resource we are all trying to conserve,” Mr. Lindsay added.

If anyone witnesses people taking water without a green standpipe, they can help by reporting the incident to Council and by providing a photo or any details such as vehicle registration number, business name, time and location.