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Corrective Services NSW celebrates its staff

The fifth annual National Corrections Day will be marked Friday (January 21) to recognise the efforts of the state’s 10,000 corrections staff who work year-round with offenders to keep our communities safe.

This year’s theme, Giving back, highlights the ways Corrective Services NSW staff go beyond the call of duty to protect the community, fundraise for important charities, volunteer and contribute to vital community projects and partnerships.

Minister for Corrections Geoff Lee said corrections officers need more public recognition for the challenging – and sometimes dangerous – work they do behind-the-scenes.

“The public doesn’t often realise what a significant role corrections staff play in helping people break the cycle of reoffending, so National Corrections Day is an opportunity to recognise the valuable contribution they make to keep our community safe,” Mr Lee said.

“Corrective Services NSW staff work tirelessly to ensure offenders have access to employment, training, programs, education and other interventions to help reduce their risk of reoffending.”

Corrective Services NSW Commissioner Kevin Corcoran PSM praised staff for their dedication and ongoing commitment during another especially challenging year.

“Our staff are highly skilled, well-trained professionals who turn up at work every day to make a positive change in peoples’ lives,” Mr Corcoran said.

“They have continued to adapt to the ever-evolving pandemic and its impact on the way the Corrective Services NSW operates.

“Not only do our staff work tirelessly in their day-to-day jobs, but many give their time to volunteer organisations such as the State Emergency Services and Rural Fire Service.

“Corrective Services NSW staff are proud and active members of their local communities, who continually give back through their everyday work, as well as through fundraising and charity events too.

“They’re committed to making a positive difference to the community so it is befitting to share their stories and pay tribute to them on National Corrections Day.”

Corrective Services NSW employs 10,000 staff including custodial officers, security and intelligence officers, inmate services and programs staff, psychologists and parole officers.

Corrections Day was established by Corrective Services NSW in 2017 before it was adopted nationally and by New Zealand in 2018.