COP26 keeps hope alive


Margaret Slattery (‘Climate change – imbecilic idiots’, CVI – 10/11/21) is unimpressed with the UN climate conference COP26 and brazenly describes the attendees – representatives of Parties to the Convention and Observer States, members of the press and media, and representatives of observer organisations – as “imbecilic idiots who wouldn’t know climate change if they fell over it.”

Would she say that to David Attenborough’s face I wonder? She wants everyone to wait until “China, India, Russia and Iran come together.” Does Ms Slattery realise that these are the same four countries that, along with Australia, have refused to join over 100 other countries to sign the Global Methane Pledge?

The International Energy Agency has calculated the pledges made so far at COP26 are sufficient to keep warming below 1.8°C. Surely Ms Slattery must be pleased that more than 100 world leaders, including Scott Morrison, have promised to end and reverse deforestation by 2030?

While COP26 is not perfect, it has kept hope alive. As Attenborough said when opening COP26 “If working apart we can destabilise our planet, then working together we are powerful enough to save it. Our eyes are on world leaders to make commitments at COP26 that will do this.”

Ray Peck, Hawthorn, Vic