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A development application for $4.2 million of alterations and additions to Yamba Golf and Country Club is being assessed by council, who have requested more information about the proposal. Image: Rodney Stevens

Club’s $4.2 million expansion proposal

Rodney Stevens


On of the most popular clubs in the Lower Clarence has lodged a development application for $4.2 million worth of alterations and additions to its premises which is currently being assessed by Clarence Valley Council.

The DA2023/0750 for $4.216 million of alterations and additions to Yamba Golf and Country Club was lodged by CEO, Luke Stephenson, on January 3, 2024, and council staff have requested more information about the proposal.

The last major external alteration to the club was the covered rear deck, which was opened just in time for the Christmas holidays in 2016.

The Statement of Environmental Effects SEE, prepared by former Clarence Valley Council officer, Rob Donges, proposes extensions and renovations to the club to create a more modern external appearance, improve external and internal access and circulation, create a more efficient internal layout, plus extend the outdoor deck and create a kids “soft fall” play area.

External works proposed include demolishing the existing entrance and replacing it with a new entrance, the removal of the external bulkhead to be replaced with new cladding including stone on the north-east corner and a green wall on the front façade, extending the western terrace by 90sqm to the north with a roof and glass balustrade, extending the western terrace to the south to create a 200sqm kids “soft fall” play area with kid safe fencing.

Other external work includes new 1:14 gradient ramps to the western deck and northern entrance door, landscaping and removal of three trees and some of the existing garden, the removal of some existing pathways to be replaced with new paths, replacing a section of roofing, a full external and internal repaint, and new signage on facades.

Internally the Golf Club will be transformed by demolishing the existing main bar, ladies locker room and lounge, men’s change room, male and female toilets, the existing stairs to the terrace and some internal walls.

This demolition will allow new separate men’s and women’s locker rooms and change rooms /lounge to be built, a new partially roofed alfresco gaming area, improved access from the foyer to restaurant, a new main bar, a new office, plus a new loading dock and storage area.

The SEE highlights the social and economic impacts of the club on the community.

“The Club is an important social hub in the Yamba community and the proposed works will improve its appearance, functionality and range of services available,” the SEE states.

“The construction phase will generate considered economic benefits.”

As council planning staff have requested more information about the proposed development, it is yet to placed on public exhibition, where the community will be able to offer their feedback.

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