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Clean pure water

Water plays a big part in our everyday life and clean safe drinking water is essential for a happy and healthy life. No matter if you are on a chlorinated mains water supply or you use rain water from a tank a water filter will improve the water quality. For many years the Clarence Valley had the reputation of having one of the best water supplies along the East Coast, with low chlorine levels and minimal taste and odour. But with a growing population using more water, along with more possible contamination points, water authorities have had to increase the chemical dosing to ensure that all water has been treated against bacteria and parasites. The extra chemicals added are now cleaning the years of built up dirt and sediment from the walls of the pipe lines which is causing a lot of households to have dirty and discoloured water. More and more Clarence Valley residences are now using water filters to ensure their water quality and remove the taste and odour from the water. People who are not on town mains supply rely on rain water held in tanks for their water supply. Tank water users face a different set factors that can affect their water quality. Rain water is harvested from roofs that also have a lot of dirt, leaves and bird droppings which all can cause problems in water that is stored in a tank. Clarence Water Filters in the Yamba Industrial Estate have a filter for every situation and can help advise you on the best filters or system to suit your needs. With a comprehensive website and one of the biggest ranges of water filters in Australia with very competitive pricing along with Australia wide delivery, clean water is only a phone call away, or drop into the showroom at Shop 2 / 7 Uki Street, Yamba Industrial Estate Yamba.