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Clarence Valley councillors decline pay rise

Clarence Valley councillors have declined to give themselves a pay rise. Councillors voted unanimously at last week’s council meeting to decline increases allowed under the Local Government Remuneration Tribunal guidelines. Councillors have not accepted increases since 2013/14; and will continue to receive $17,490 a year. The maximum allowable under the guidelines for a regional rural council, such as Clarence Valley’s, is $19,310. The mayor will receive an additional $35,525 (maximum allowable under the guidelines is $38,880) and the deputy mayor will receive an additional $2,935 (maximum allowable $3,240). The deputy mayor’s additional fee is calculated as a 4/52 deduction from the total fee ($38,460) paid to the mayor. The mayor, Jim Simmons, said the amounts were not large, but it was important for councillors to show restraint when the organisation was looking to improve its financial position. Councillor Arthur Lysaught was absent and lodged an apology for the meeting.