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Mareeba’s new mobility scooter zone so residents can zip into town.

Capturing the morning sun

Residents at Mareeba Aged Care in Maclean are enjoying the benefits of a significant renovation at the aged care home that includes new and bigger recreation spaces with natural light for them to enjoy the morning sun. The recent renovation follows Mareeba’s 2009 major upgrade featuring the creation of a large multi-purpose space for residents to experience more leisure and lifestyle activities and in larger groups. A new kitchenette, offices and secondary lift with access to a mobility scooter store will allow residents the freedom to zip into town. “The whole renovation has been well received by our residents, staff and families” said Mareeba’s Director of Nursing, Rachel Bennett. “They love the natural light, the sense of space and all the new conveniences. It’s proving very popular. And it goes to show, with planning and good architecture, we can improve the quality of life for our residents because that’s what we’re about at Mareeba” she said. Mareeba Aged care has a wide variety of daily social activities for its residents, creating an environment that enhances wellbeing. Mareeba Aged Care residents the morning sun in their much-improved recreation area. Images: contributed