Call for Council to consult

The time for community consultation with regard to the planned 17+ million dollar depot rationalisation scheme has long passed.
Accordingly I have sent the following mail to all nine Councillors requesting public meetings be held as soon as possible.
I recently asked residents living in Tyson Street between Skinner Road and Bent Street if they knew about Council’s plans for a ‘super depot’ and how they had found out about these plans.
Of those 25 homes visited, 19 answered the door and discussed the proposed depot.
Only the residents from 3 homes claimed to have learned about Councils proposals from Council.
The majority of those interviewed learned of Councils depot plans as a direct result of my visits.
Having the residents, who will feel the greatest impact of Council’s Depot into their residential area, learning of this proposal from a stranger knocking on their front door, is an indictment of the lack of openness and genuine consultation many of us feel is endemic to this Council.
As a matter of urgency will you please move a motion, or a motion on notice, directing Council to contact all people living in Tyson Street between Skinner Road and Bent Street and provide details and timelines of Council’s proposed Depot development?
Will you also move a second motion calling on Council to consult with the people of the Clarence in public meetings, with regard to the Depot development, as soon as possible?
As the huge costs involved will directly impact all residents, this meeting needs to be dedicated solely to the Depot proposal and widely advertised beforehand. The size of our Local Government area would also favour at least two meetings to cover upper and lower river residents.
Many thanks.
John Hagger, ‘The Clarence Forum’
South Grafton