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Bowling club proposes ancillary motel

Geoff Helisma

The Iluka Bowls Club has lodged a development application (DA) with Clarence Valley Council (CVC), to construct a 12-room single-storey motel as a secondary (ancillary) use of the club’s land.

Tourist and visitor accommodation is prohibited development on land zoned RE2 Private Recreation (in the Clarence Valley Local Environment Plan 2011), hence, if the DA is approved as an ancillary use, “only those visitors who have come to Iluka to participate in sporting activities at the club (teams or individuals) or their supporters (e.g. wives / husbands/ partners) would be permitted to stay at the motel”, the Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) advises. Alternatively, the land would have to be rezoned to a “zone that permitted tourist and visitor accommodation (e.g. Zone SP3 Tourist)”.

The motel, if it is approved and constructed, will be located on the north-western corner of the bowling club’s land at an estimated cost of $1.43million.

“The club will keep a register of all motel guests, which specifies their sporting connection to the club, and this will be available to be viewed by council staff at any time,” the SEE states.

“If council agrees to this arrangement, it is anticipated that it will be included in the conditions of development consent and be legally binding on the club.

“…Approval as ancillary development is the easiest pathway to the development proceeding, if that is council’s final determination, and will allow the cub to strengthen and secure its future as an important social and sporting hub in Iluka in the shortest time frame.”

The DA can be found on the ‘advertised DAs’ page on CVC’s website and is on display until September 3.