Bolted the doors

Ed, Now that Clarence Valley Council (CVC) has bolted the doors on the South Grafton Visitor Information Centre (VIC) it has become obvious that their motive, all along, has been to cash in this valuable site. They have already resolved to put the money generated from this sale into their building fund to offset that catastrophic project, the South Grafton works depot. In 1988, when the state government allowed Grafton City Council to purchase the VIC site for just $17000 it was on condition that the land be zoned for community use….unable to be resold. Subsequent spot re-zonings now allow this council to hijack the land, plus the government and local business community funding of the VIC construction, and use the money to help cover up their own utter incompetence on an unrelated project. This council doesn’t give a damn if it permanently damages local tourism. They don’t care that they’re using the dividends from decades of hard work, contributed by other people, to hide their recent mistakes. To make matters worse, they are even going to continue to collect a special rate that local business agreed to pay to staff the VIC and they will spend this money however they like. Bill Day, Yamba